Tesla Purple Healing Plate (Large 30x30cm))
Tesla Purple Healing Plate (Large 30x30cm))

Tesla Purple Healing Plate (Large 30x30cm))

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Tesla Purple Plates work for an unlimited time as they recharge themselves continuously. They can in no way do harm and they last indefinitely.

Inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla and invented by Ralph Bergstresser, these plates raise the vibrational state of energy of the human body. They work by creating a continuous field of positive energy that will penetrate any material. Tesla demonstrated that colour has vibration and our own personal energy vibrates at different frequencies, which can be influenced by colour also.

Nikola Tesla invented many of our modern-day conveniences, including the AC and the Tesla coil, which is widely used today in radio and television sets and other electronic equipment for wireless communication. X-rays, light, remote control, robotics, the electric motor and laser all exist today due to the work of Tesla.

The atoms and electrons of the aluminium have been altered so the plates are in resonance, or in tune with the basic energy of the Universe – Life Force Energy.


  • Place a glass of water or your meal on the plate for 3 minutes and taste the difference – the water/food is energised by the Life Force Energy.
  • Place large plate in refrigerator for food, except for fresh meat and fish, food will stay fresh longer. Or place the food you are about to eat on the plate for 15 minutes before preparing or consuming.
  • Place a large plate under your computer for harmful EMR.
  • Place water for plants on the large plate overnight then water plants and watch them thrive. Place beneath sick house plants, or water sick plants with water which has been placed on plate overnight.
  • To energize crystals, place on purple plate for 12 hours.

Measurements: 30cm x 30cm