The Runic alphabets originated among the Nordic people of Northern Europe and were mainly used for inscriptions and lucky charms. It was strongly connected with magic and fortune telling.

The word “RUNE” appears in Old Norse as “run” (secret writing); in Gothic as “runa” (secret whisper) and in Old English as “roun” (secret whisper).

When consulting Runes it is important to know that you are not “having your fortune told” but you are consulting an oracle, which gives you information allowing you to make your own intuitive interpretation of the answers. Oracles allow us to access our subconscious and tap into the universe for helpful information we might not consciously know.

The more you work with the Runes the clearer the messages become. They become tuned into your personal energy. 

Please note that due to the nature of the natural crystal, the rune stones are not uniform in size or shape and variations will be present.