Tesla Purple Healing Plate (11.5x7cm)

Tesla Purple Healing Plate (11.5x7cm)

Tesla Purple Plates work by creating a continuous field of positive energy that will penetrate any material.

Tesla demonstrated that colour has vibration and our own personal energy vibrates at different frequencies, which can be influenced by colour also. The plates raise the vibrational state wherever they are placed.

Many people use them to support themselves, their pets and their plants, in physical healing or they carry them around to raise their vibratory frequency to regenerate their energy and cleanse from electromagnetic debris.

You can use the Purple Healing plate on an injured area of any living thing including humans, animals and plants.


With continued personal use you'll discover countless others …

  • Some people sleep with a small plate beneath their pillow to ensure restfulness, even when one has only slept a short time. Others cannot sleep with the plates nearby, as they will remain awake.
  • Wearing or carrying a small plate will cause most people to feel an increase in energy. Others find the best results when wearing them for shorter periods of time, perhaps 30 minutes or an hour each day.
  • Place a small sized plate in a pocket or purse for more energy. No body contact is necessary.
  • Place small plate in dog or cat bed, or under food dish.
  • Travelers can carry a small plate to energize their drinking water and eliminate illness and stomach upsets.
  • Small plate placed on forehead to alleviate headache pain, on joints to alleviate gout and arthritis pain, on stomach to stop nausea. Apply to cuts, wounds, fractures, sprains etc
  • Placed on forehead in the morning will help you to remember your dreams. Also place on forehead to promote deeper meditation.
  • Place in pocket or front of pants for menstrual pain and digestion upset.
  • Give to children to hold as special “magic purple plate”. They can heal children’s bumps and bruises and after a while children will ask to use the plate to heal themselves – Kids love magic !