Buddha At Bedtime -

Buddha At Bedtime -

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This is a beautiful book to share with your young ones or as a gift. There is so much plastic stuff around for kids these days, a beautiful book makes the perfect gift.

There are 20 stories written to be read-aloud stories for children, all with a message about life.

The author also explains ways to help your child relax and feel calm as well as some history and information about Buddhism for the parents to read. It simply explains who the Buddha was and the Buddhist approach to life.

All the stories foster compassion, responsibility and contentment,which are the philosophy of Buddhism.

 You can see the difference in the print. The children’s’ stories are larger print, with colourful illustrations to share whereas the adult sections are normal size print.

The tales re-created for modern day, from original stories that the Buddha himself told, and they are stories about things he learned on his way to enlightment.

This book is not in any way trying to influence your religion or faith. It is designed for everyone, regardless of faith or beliefs. It was written in the hope that all parents would enjoy it.

Religion aside the stories are wonderful learning experiences for children.