Ammonite Cleoniceras Fossil (Boxed)
Ammonite Cleoniceras Fossil (Boxed)

Ammonite Cleoniceras Fossil (Boxed)

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What a beautiful fossil stone this is!

The perfect gift for someone who is hard to buy for - there is no-one who wouldn't love to have this gift from nature.

'Ammonite' fossils have been found dating back 400+ million years to the Ordovician period and are the earliest recognizable animals - ancestors of the modern-day squid.

Symbolically, the shape represents continual change and evolution.

Ammonite can assist your quest for transition, transformation and personal growth, helping you understand the process of change.

They are wonderful for assisting you to move from the old to the new, being open to the fresh, innovative forces that are available to you.  

 Gift Boxed.                                

Affirmation: I allow myself to be open to change for the greater good.

Note that each individual piece varies in pattern and colour but will be between 40-60g and similar to the image shown.