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Divination refers to the skills and tools one uses to connect with Spirit to gain answers for life.

This gift box has everything you need to get in touch with your inner knowing and wisdom.

  1. Rune Stone Set - These white howlite rune stones are perfect for guidance in life and daily decision making. The easy to understand messages are related to each symbol on the stones. Presented in a purple velvet, draw-string bag.
  2. The Soul's Journey Oracle Cards are great cards with meaningful messages that are based around attitudes such as gratitude, forgiveness, purpose, balance, honesty and positive self-esteem. Anyone who enjoys art will especially love the beautiful mandala art work, different on each card. 44 Card Deck and 101 page booklet.

  3. Amethyst Pendulum - A beautifully carved crystal pendulum for seeking yes/no answers to your life's questions and challenges.

  4. Clear Quartz Bracelet - Clear Quartz is a powerful & protective crystal to carry or wear. Known as the ‘master crystal’ it can be used to assist healing all imbalances. 
  5. Tumble Stones - Rose Quartz for Universal Love and especially love for yourself. Clear Quartz will keep all your other crystals clean if you keep them close together. Amethyst for protection and activating spiritual awareness, having strong healing and cleansing powers, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. 
  6. Lavender Candle - Set the atmosphere with this lavender candle for peace and calm.