Beautifully gift boxed it offers value for money and everything is useful !

Our Teenage Gift Box includes –

  • Empowering the Teenage Soul - by Shana Lee Gibson. These cards offer the teenager easy to understand cards for daily guidance, encouraging the teenager to make healthy choices while subtly learning about Chakra Energy within the body.  Encouragement to move forward through often challenging times, with reminders to notice the messages in each day and trusting yourself.

    The messages are based around attitudes of positive thinking, inner strength and confidence and are short with one or two words on the actual cards and a follow up message in the booklet. The art work shows colourful pictures and photos of people and nature. 33 Card Deck and 49 page Booklet

  • Stylish Leather Tree of Life Journal and Pen - To record daily thoughts, feelings, ideas, experiences, coincidences, moods.... Writing short-term and long-term goals grounds them in our clearly into our 3rd Dimensional reality thus making them more real and more easily attained.        
  • Amethyst and Sodalite Bracelet –  This Amethyst bracelet can be worn for protection, healing and cleansing and the sodalite for remaining centred while inspiring independence, health and well-being. The colours look great together!
  • Amethyst Point - A beautiful addition to any crystal collection. This standing amethyst activates spiritual awareness, has strong healing and cleansing powers, encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. 
  • Agate Slice - Agate offers a sense of safety and security free from internal stress and tension, building self- confidence.
  • Tumble Stones - A box of six hand chosen crystals to explore, research and enjoy!

        Includes written instructions with information on how to use each item in the gift box.